Encore Discussion of Dr. Soroush!! Saturday, July 24 @2:30 PM PDT

Exciting news!  The previous discussion of Dr. Soroush was so successful, the organizers were willing to put on an encore for us at Entre Nous Island!  This Saturday at 2:30 pm. PDT (21:30 GMT) at the Entre Nous Amphitheater, Second Life speaker Bryce Galbraith will once again discuss the works of Dr. Soroush, followed by a lively and passionate discussion session where everyone is encouraged to share thoughts, ask questions, and engage each other in exploring the issues of human rights in Islam, and Islamic thought in general.

Entre Nous Amphitheater

Entre Nous Amphitheater

Entre Nous Island does not require age verification, so it’s easy to attend!  Simply make an account at SecondLife.com and join us at Entre Nous Island!  Feel free to drop by the island anytime to leave a message of solidarity and pick up a free awareness-raising Second Life shirt for your avatar to wear!  Check out our memorial walkway, news and media collection, and click the posters to take action in the latest campaigns!

See you there!!!

Pick up a Free Shirt to Spread Awareness in Second Life!

Pick up a Free Shirt to Spread Awareness in Second Life!

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Second Life Discussion of Dr. AbdolKarim Soroush!

Dawn on Entre Nous Island

Dawn on Entre Nous Island

Discussion of Dr. AbdolKarim Soroush!
When: July 17, 2010 @ 18:00 PDT (July 18, 2010 @ 01:00 GMT)

The world IS watching!  After hearing about Entre Nous Island and all the countless worldwide citizen journalism efforts to raise awareness about Iran, Second Lifers want to help!

Inspired by our work, Philosophy Island Speaker Rhiannon Dragoone, who hosts philosophy discussions several times a week at her virtual campsite, has put together a special speaking event to feature an in-depth discussion of eminent Iranian philosopher Dr. Abdol Karim Soroush!  #IranElection tweeple may remember him as the scholar who suggested the highest Islamic authorities in Iran could, if needed, move away from Qom to Najaf, Iraq, to preserve clerical autonomy.

Dr. Soroush is considered Iran’s most influential liberal Islamic thinker, and Second Life speaker Bryce Galbraith will be giving a presentation aimed both at those already interested in Dr. Soroush’s work, and those completely new to the subject.  After the presentation, attendees can engage in group discussion and questions, so it’s sure to be a wonderful way to meet other people interested in Iran, or raise some awareness with those who may never have taken interest before!

To attend the discussion, open your Second Life viewer and log in to the world, then click this slURL or paste it in your viewer address bar just as you would a regular web link in a web browser address bar:


Note: To minimize “griefing” (Second Life trolling), Philosophy Island is restricted to age-verified accounts, however the process of age verification is free.  Visit SecondLife.com and log in to your account, then click the “age verify” tab, enter some info from your official ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, and the system will verify you automatically.

Second Life staff or users will not have access to your ID information, this age verification is done by a secure third-party service to keep your information safe.  Users with Premium (land-owning) accounts do not need to separately verify, your credit card payment is your proof of age.  Age verification is not required to visit Second Life or Entre Nous Island, only to visit some areas, at the discretion of the area owner.

If you need assistance, please feel free to send an IM to RevMagdalen Kyrie or Sephir0t McMahn.  Hope to see you there!

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satisfied with grief

you know you might be on to something when you start to get some uninvited attention.

this is the very first thing i thought when Rev Magdalen, my business partner & co-founder of intraNU Corp, chatted me the message that our sim seemed to have been attacked by griefers (Second Life trolls). sure i was aggravated, but this feeling paled in comparison to the certain knowledge that someone, somewhere, had noticed us and felt threatened enough to attempt hostility or vandalism.

a mountain raised around Virtual Evin on Entre Nous island

vandals have visited Virtual Evin - oh noes!

the area of our sim which had been targeted was a virtual representation of Evin Prison. for decades the RL prison has been a symbol of injustice, tyranny & brutality. we have taken this symbolic place & made it the cornerstone of our SL presence supporting the Iranian struggle for democracy. outside the RL Evin, families of detainees risk arrest or further violence and gather daily to show support & share information. outside of Virtual Evin, in solidarity, we do the same. inside and outside Virtual Evin one will find numerous ways to learn more about Iran’s efforts to remove oppression, information regarding prisoners of conscience & ways you can help.

the guest book at Virtual Evin

Virtual Evin's exterior, representative of both before & after the attack. lol

we did have some security measures in place, and thankfully – barring a few things having been returned to inventory – no actual harm was done. a relatively simple method was used to return the land back to its original shape; Virtual Evin was still there, nestled inside the mountain.  so i guess it wasn’t a serious griefing. but i’m not greedy. i’ll be satisfied knowing we are causing a stir. in any event, the sim was back to normal and as good as ever in no time.

a hole created by overlapping parcels was our security 'feechure'

low tech security anchored the obvious target to the sim, preventing catastrophe

we are thinking of hiring a small staff – not security mind you. the griefing appears to have been an isolated incident, and quite minor. but it would be nice to have some knowledgeable greeters or guides. a fundraising post will be forthcoming explaining how you can help keep Entre Nous friendly and informative.

as i mentioned, this wasn’t a sophisticated attempt at griefing, but i am very heartened to note we have gained the attention of more than a handful of do-gooders. and i cannot help but ask myself, “why?”

posters and info givers at Virtual Evin

as good as new - better thanks to the added press 🙂

Sephir0t McMahn ‘s eyes darken as he smiles a smile of satisfied grief.

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From the deck of my jessgate homestead

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Standing Up Against Stoning

Persepolis Bull Sculpture Donated by Second Life Artist Smilodon Carver

This weekend, thousands of people all over the world are standing up to say “No to stoning!” in solidarity with The Campaign to Save Sakine Mohammadi, an international campaign to stop the stoning execution of Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani, a mother of two.

At Entre Nous Island we will be standing in solidarity with this campaign and urging all vistors to make their voices heard loud and clear saying NO to stoning, by signing the petition to save Sakine, and by sharing the ugly truth about modern day stoning executions with their social networks both in and out of Second Life.

Zoroastrian Solidarity Fire

Please bring some friends and stop by the island to leave a message of solidarity in the guestbook, sign the petition, and browse the collection of news and tribute websites and videos in our Virtual Evin Action Center.  Feel free to take a memorial candle and walk our Path of Honor, honoring the lives of those who have been victimized by human rights abuse in Iran.

Sakineh Mohammadi Info Poster

The practice of stoning people to death must end.  Working together to raise awareness, connecting with people to make the truth known, we can end it and save not just Sakine but the countless other women and men at risk of stoning worldwide.

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Welcome to Entre Nous Island

Overview of Entre Nous Island in Second Life

Overview of Entre Nous Island in Second Life

Welcome to the new blog about Entre Nous Island, the virtual space in Second Life for #iranelection and fellow citizen journalists seeking to learn and collaborate on human rights issues through immersive 3D social networking!  Check back often for the latest updates and pics!

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Neda’s Day Vigil

Building continues at Entre Nous Island, including work on our memorial Path of Honor for victims of oppression.  The first memorial we built was to Neda Agha-Soltan, whose death was captured on cell phone video and seen by millions around the world, one year ago on June 20, 2009.
People from all over the world can come together in a virtual space at this memorial to light a candle and hold it in memory of Neda, as several did today to honor the one-year anniversary of her death.  In the building nearby, visitors can view the HBO documentary For Neda, as well as many musical tributes to this young woman whose death shocked the whole world.
If you’ve tried Second Life before and found it too slow, you may want to give the latest 2.1 Alpha viewer a try, it has greatly increased speed and stability.  Once you’ve logged in to second life, simply paste this SLurl into your Viewer address bar, and you will be teleported to the memorial: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entre%20Nous/190/158/30 
Together we can help show the world that Neda will never be forgotten.
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