New Second Life Projects Underway!

After a great response to our June 12 solidarity protest for prisoners of conscience in Iran, part of the worldwide day of action coordinated by United4Iran, I’m excited to report that we’ll be able to maintain and build Entre Nous Island in Second Life as a space for the #iranelection community and all other supporters of human rights!

Some new projects we’re beginning are a Path of Honor, a walking path that spans the entire island with memorial displays honoring and remembering those who’ve had their lives destroyed by violations of their human rights, both those martyred like Neda and those unjustly imprisoned for their beliefs like the 7 Baha’i leaders whose unfair trial recently concluded.

Check back for more pictures as the creation progresses!

Neda’s Memorial at Entre Nous Island
We are also working on a space for collaborative news aggregating and tweeting, so visitors can comment on the live tweet stream, research new information for the community, and comment and exchange ideas in real-time chat.  Pictures and more info coming soon!
Baha’i Pavilion

Baha’i Pavilion Interior View
Having trouble accessing Second Life?  Be sure you have the latest version of the official Linden Lab viewer; new versions are released regularly that may fix some common bugs.  However, if your computer simply doesn’t have the graphics power to run the program, soon we will be integrating basic realtime text chat from IRC and Twitter into the chat stream at the Island, so even those who can’t be there in 3D can communicate back and forth with those who are.  
Also, exciting news is buzzing that Linden Lab will soon be unveiling a new web-based browser that should make the world accessible to almost everyone!  Whenever you get there, however you view it, by text or web plugin or in the full standalone viewer, Entre Nous Island will be there standing firm for human rights!
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