Second Life Discussion of Dr. AbdolKarim Soroush!

Dawn on Entre Nous Island

Dawn on Entre Nous Island

Discussion of Dr. AbdolKarim Soroush!
When: July 17, 2010 @ 18:00 PDT (July 18, 2010 @ 01:00 GMT)

The world IS watching!  After hearing about Entre Nous Island and all the countless worldwide citizen journalism efforts to raise awareness about Iran, Second Lifers want to help!

Inspired by our work, Philosophy Island Speaker Rhiannon Dragoone, who hosts philosophy discussions several times a week at her virtual campsite, has put together a special speaking event to feature an in-depth discussion of eminent Iranian philosopher Dr. Abdol Karim Soroush!  #IranElection tweeple may remember him as the scholar who suggested the highest Islamic authorities in Iran could, if needed, move away from Qom to Najaf, Iraq, to preserve clerical autonomy.

Dr. Soroush is considered Iran’s most influential liberal Islamic thinker, and Second Life speaker Bryce Galbraith will be giving a presentation aimed both at those already interested in Dr. Soroush’s work, and those completely new to the subject.  After the presentation, attendees can engage in group discussion and questions, so it’s sure to be a wonderful way to meet other people interested in Iran, or raise some awareness with those who may never have taken interest before!

To attend the discussion, open your Second Life viewer and log in to the world, then click this slURL or paste it in your viewer address bar just as you would a regular web link in a web browser address bar:

Note: To minimize “griefing” (Second Life trolling), Philosophy Island is restricted to age-verified accounts, however the process of age verification is free.  Visit and log in to your account, then click the “age verify” tab, enter some info from your official ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, and the system will verify you automatically.

Second Life staff or users will not have access to your ID information, this age verification is done by a secure third-party service to keep your information safe.  Users with Premium (land-owning) accounts do not need to separately verify, your credit card payment is your proof of age.  Age verification is not required to visit Second Life or Entre Nous Island, only to visit some areas, at the discretion of the area owner.

If you need assistance, please feel free to send an IM to RevMagdalen Kyrie or Sephir0t McMahn.  Hope to see you there!

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